Thursday, June 28, 2012

Briar Rose

So, this is what I made with my Strawberry Fields goodness.  It is a quilt for an upcoming workshop and I have named it Briar Rose.  When I was putting it all together I was thinking Briar Patch and then that somehow morphed into Briar Rose, which is the name the good fairies give to Sleeping Beauty in the Disney film - there's a whole lot of Disney getting viewed in this house!

I really liked making this quilt - it came together so beautifully and it didn't hurt that the fabrics are so pretty! 

These are the wee chevrons I made with the leftover HSTs.  They are very small - just over 1" finished.  I was going to turn it into a cushion but I'm not really sure that it is big enough, so I will consider it a while longer.

I no longer have the option of just making it bigger because I donated the remaining HSTs to Scarlett and with a few dabs of glue stick she has whipped up the "quilt" you see below.  

I am off to bind another quilt now.  A few weeks ago I bought "The Binding Tool"  when Fat Quarter Shop had it as their product of the month or some such.  I think I'll have to watch the you tube video a couple of times first.  Wish me luck!


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